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Today, market of earphones is booming, the prices of the related products are correspondingly raised.   Among these products, earphone cables have been one of the concerns.

Most of the mainstream earphone cables are expensive, even with a “getting started” one.  They are with varied quality and it is really difficult to start with choosing the right cable.  That results in only two ways for newcomers: giving up the idea of changing cable or buying a new cable which may even be more expensive than the earphone owned.  We believe both of us do not like to see this happening.

Hong Kong Handmade Cables is co-founded by hi-fiers, who love earphones, aimed to meet the needs of all players with handmade cables.  Our philosophy is to let the public enjoy the fun of handmade cables with a reasonable price.

Cables from most manufacturers were mainly used the same material.  For us, we use different materials to make the cables, so the tuning for the sound effect will be a bit broader.  It is our honour to fulfill customers’ satisfaction with our products.

Hong Kong Handmade Cables has been deeply rooted in Hong Kong since 2014, thank you for the support from many Hong Kong players.  Sales of our products in Hong Kong responded enthusiastically.  Through continuous improvement and enhancement of service quality, we intend to explore the overseas market.  Eventually, better products could be provided to more players and let them experience the fun of handmade cables.

Three years after its founding, Hong Kong Handmade Cables will be using a new packaging for local and overseas markets this year.